Portrait Experience and Pricing

What is the typical investment made for a portrait session?

Clients typically invest between $125-$600 depending on the print products purchased.

How is a portrait session done?

Portrait sessions typically last about 1-2 hours. A creative fee of $65.00 includes the photographer’s time, travel, creativity, and the preparation and posting of an online gallery with your session proofs. The creative fee is due at the time of the portrait session.

What if I want my portrait taken at two or more different locations?

There are many wonderful locations for portraits in the Bay area area. Many clients like both portraits taken at the beach as well as ones in a local park, or even downtown. For an additional charge of $65 a second portrait session can be held at a separate location and on a different day if so desired. By selecting this option, the variety of images is enhanced and you receive a second full portrait session at half price.

What happens after my session?

Your photos are reviewed to collect the best ones, i.e., your proofs. Though your photos are taken digitally, all images must receive post-processing to fine-tune the exposure, color, and contrast. Once the proofs complete,  you are emailed a password and link to an online gallery where you can review your images.


After reviewing my images online, what happens next?

In most cases, it is recommended that you select the top 2-3 images from each session pose for more extensive post-processing. Images selected are processed in Photoshop and other software programs to create the best possible image for printing and digital display. This aspect of the portrait process is where the artistry and style of the photographer shines, and is the most time intensive work for the photographer. As example, a single portrait photo may involve upwards of 2-3 hours of post processing involving 25 or more separate steps and actions. These steps transform images in a way that cannot be captured by the camera alone.

What are the portrait prices and do you provide digital files or any discounts?

Absolutely! Timothy Andrew Photography’s prices are as follows:

Creative Fee: $65 ($100 for groups larger than four)

Print Packages:

               Timothy Andrew Photography Family Portrait Packages

My specialty is on-site photography at your home or location. Everyone is more relaxed and pets can be included in the picture fun.

  • Session covers about an hour and a half of photography which is approximately 100 pictures taken in High Quality Digital Format

  • Online album and proofs with the ability to order online and share with friends and family

Family Package A:  $125.00
Choice of 5 portrait sheets

Family Package B:   $195.00
Choice of 10 portrait sheets

Family Package C:   $275.00
Choice of 15 portrait sheets
All digital proofs on CD

Portrait Sheets :
(1) 8x10
(2) 5x7
(2) 4x6
(9) Wallets

* A High Resolution Single Image Digital File (no watermark) on CD and printable to 8"×10": $35 per photo can be added to any package purchased.

*Additional prints can be added to any packages

Specialty Size Prices

11"x"14 -  $ 35.00

12"x18" -  $ 40.00

16"X24"-  $ 55.00

20"x 30" - $ 68.00

 ***Ask about the exclusive Digital CD Package: All photos on CD to print or share ***